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The 2023

ESMI Leadership Summit

We are so excited to welcome you to our 2023 ESMI Leadership Summit.

The Leadership Summit was created because of the need to raise female leaders who will be change agents that are passionate about social impact.

This year we have carefully selected our theme to reflect our 2022-2023 Women Economic Empowerment and Sustainability project focus which is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The theme for this year’s summit is “Building Stronger Communities Through Women Empowerment”.

There have been many research works that have shown the positive impact of women’s empowerment on building stronger communities. Some notable examples include the work of the World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme, and the International Center for Research on Women.

As an organization, we are doing our part in educating women on the importance of economic empowerment and in line with our Women Economic Empowerment and Sustainability Project (WEES~P), we are committed to training over 300 women or more (between 2022-2023). While giving an interest free loan to 6 women (petty traders) in 5 states in Nigeria.

We hope you enjoy the summit and we are glad you are joining us!

Kindly [click here] complete the summit registration form.

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